A bunch of quicksilver automation scripts
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A bunch of scripts meant to be used with QuickSilver for automating common actions
The idea as far as possible is to minimize software needed beyond what comes with a standard mac install
But that said I've chosen now to depend on growl, ruby and on the rb-appscript gem

TinyUrilise from Opera, meant to be invoked directly. Install by copying it to ~/Library/Scripts.
Takes the current active tab in opera and converts it to a tinyurl which is uploaded into your clipboard so you can
subsequently paste it to irc or twitter.

Tiny Screenshot, meant to be invoked directly. Install by copying it to ~/Library/Scripts. When launched it lets you adjust
the boundaries of a screenshot. Once done it uploads this screenshot to an image site and puts the url in your clipboard. 
It expects growlnotify (which is an addon with growl), to be installed so it can notify you when it's done.

MoonPatio is a ruby script meant to be installed as an action. This script depends on ruby being installed. 
To Install 
copy it to ~/Library/Application\ Support/Quicksilver/Actions/
gem install rb-appscript

To test it, just invoke it from the command line as 
"MoonPatio.rb ruby". If it succeeds, it should place a url into your clipboard.

To use this script, select some code or text. launch quicksilver, on the first tab hit period followed by some abbreviation
to declare what language the code is in (the full list supported is here http://moonpatio.org/), hit tab and select MoonPatio.
It should upload the code and drop the url into your clipboard. If it cannot figure out what language you meant, it should throw up
a dialog to disambiguate.

All these scripts depend upon a bash script ~/.bash_setproxy which I have that sets the http_proxy environment variable when Im behind a http proxy. If you don't have this file, the scripts should still work though. If you ARE behind a proxy, that's a common hook you can use to set the http_proxy variable.