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A pentest challenge platform


We recommend you join our IRC channel on:

  • irc.pathwar.net:6667
  • #pathwar-fr (for french people)
  • #pathwar (english)



How to play ?

You need to go on http://portal.pathwar.net and register an account.

For school contests: you need to register with your school's email (@epitech.eu, @42.fr, @mit.edu, ...) You will then be able to create a team and invite your team mates.

We encounter issues when inviting people in our organization

This is probably a bug on our side, contact us.

⚠️ Do not create an organization if you are not the team leader !

Why do I need to stay anonymous ?

It's a school-contest feature. Every user can steal half of your Kekos by denouncing you, knowing your team name.

Kekos ?!

It's a school-contest feature that gives the ability to buy new level


The first three team that validate a level get a medal (gold, silver and bronze). It gives them extra points

My session is over, what next ?

If you forgot something during the project, please mail us at team@pathwar.net :
  • If you forgot to add explanations on how you validated a level,
  • If you have cool hacks to share (movies, pics, …),
  • If you have code to show (scripts, IRC bots, …),
  • If you are sure to know who’s behind a team,
  • If you have feedbacks on the project,
  • If you have any pending questions,
If it was a school session, you should :
  • ensure your team members on the portal and on the intranet are the same (we don't care about team names),
  • ensure your School Specific Login is set to your login_x on https://portal.pathwar.net/#/account,
How am I evaluated ?
  • we take in consideration your score on the portal, based on
    • validations
    • speed
    • achievements
  • we will add bonuses and maluses for your validation comments
  • all the stuff you do on the portal after the effective end of the project won't count except sometimes as bonus, but we only look at your validations during the project
  • mega bonuses if you contribute to the project by creating new levels

Can I use a vulnerability scanner ?

We do not support that choice, because you won't learn what we're trying to teach you. Plus, you need to explain how you got the passphrase and it won't be possible since it's a script that did the work for you :)

Validation message ?

For the school contests, you need to give a validation message that we will use to accept/refuse your validations. Plus, a cool explanation may gives you some bonus points.

We accept messages in english, french and we love to have attached code

I don't have any kekos left

Send us an email and we'll see what we can do.

I have a question which is not listed here

Tell us on IRC, send us an email or open an issue.

We'll answer as soon as possible and put the question/answer here if we think it'll help more people.

Getting tired ?

Try to hack the portal, the API, the sandbox You will certainly get extra credits by doing so. Plus you'll be able to create a new kind of level inspired by your exploits