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Get Started

Make sure you have Node.js 8+.

  1. Run the install script

    npm install

  2. Run start to see in dev mode with browsersync server

    npm start -s

    Note: The -s flag is optional. It enables silent mode which suppresses unnecessary messages during the build.

  3. Run build script to see a live prod with browsersync server

    npm run build

    Note: Generates the /dist folder. This will start a server with files from de build final artifacts in /dist folder too.


Slingshot offers a rich development experience using the following technologies:

Tech Description Learn More
React Fast, composable client-side components. Pluralsight Course
Redux Enforces unidirectional data flows and immutable, hot reloadable store. Supports time-travel debugging. Lean alternative to Facebook's Flux. Getting Started with Redux, Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux, Pluralsight Course
React Router A complete routing library for React Pluralsight Course
Babel Compiles ES6 to ES5. Enjoy the new version of JavaScript today. ES6 REPL, ES6 vs ES5, ES6 Katas, Pluralsight course
Webpack Bundles npm packages and our JS into a single file. Includes hot reloading via react-transform-hmr. Quick Webpack How-to Pluralsight Course
Browsersync Lightweight development HTTP server that supports synchronized testing and debugging on multiple devices. Intro vid
Jest Automated tests with built-in expect assertions and Enzyme for DOM testing without a browser using Node. Pluralsight Course
ESLint Lint JS. Reports syntax and style issues. Using eslint-plugin-react for additional React specific linting rules.
SASS Compiled CSS styles with variables, functions, and more. Pluralsight Course
PostCSS Transform styles with JS plugins. Used to autoprefix CSS
Editor Config Enforce consistent editor settings (spaces vs tabs, etc). IDE Plugins
npm Scripts Glues all this together in a handy automated build. Pluralsight course, Why not Gulp?
tabler UI Components React components and demo for the Tabler UI theme.
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