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stylus asset handling for Play 2.2, implemented as an sbt plugin (very similar to Play's handling of CoffeeScript and LESS).


The plugin assumes the availability of the stylus executable. With node.js and npm installed, run

npm install -g stylus

to install stylus globally, thereby installing not only the module, but also the executable.


In your Play application folder, add

resolvers += "Patience Releases" at ""

addSbtPlugin("patience" % "play-stylus" % "1.0.0")

to project/plugins.sbt, and


to build.sbt.

The plugin registers for compilation of app/assets/**/*.styl, that is all stylus files in your app/assets directory.

sbt settings

  • compile:resource-generators: The stylus file watcher is being added here
  • play-stylus-entry-points: All files matching app/assets/**/*.styl, except files starting in an underscore
  • play-stylus-options: A sequence of strings passed to stylus as command-line flags


Copyright (c) 2012 Johannes Emerich

MIT-style licensing, for details see file LICENSE.

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