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Source code for my door lock.
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I didn't want to carry my keys around, so I built an RFID lock into my dorm room door.

This project contains the lock's source code and some pictures. I tried to design the project to be as easily removable and minimally invasive as possible.

The lock consists of an Arduino Uno connected to a high-torque servo motor fitted with a four bar mechanism. The mechanism fits over the lock piece of my dorm room door, so that when the servo rotates, the lock piece does as well. I 3D printed the four bar mechanism and fitting over the door lock, and used small 1/4-20 nuts and bolts as the pivots. The RFID chip is an $8 component available off of Amazon.

A video of the lock in operation:

RFID Lock Video

Here are a couple of pictures:

The system as a whole:


Close-up of the RFID module:


And the four bar mechanism:


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