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import Image, ImageDraw
import sys
import numpy as np
# function to carry out histogram equalization on a image
# input is a image array
def HistoEqualization(imgarr):
# generate histogram and bins using histogram function from numpy - use 256 bins & normalize
imghist, bins = np.histogram(imgarr.flatten(), 256, normed=True)
# calculate the cumulative distributive function using the histogram obtained above
cdf = imghist.cumsum()
# reinitialize the cdf to a 'gray level' image
cdf = 255 * cdf / cdf[-1]
# perform linear interpolation to map the new values obtained above to the original values in imgarr
outimg = np.interp(imgarr.flatten(), bins[:-1], cdf)
return outimg.reshape(imgarr.shape)
# Lighting correction done using Log transformation
def LightCorrect(imgarr):
imgarr = imgarr.astype('float')
maxval = np.max(imgarr)
# carry out log transformation
outimgarr = (255.0 * np.log(1+imgarr))/np.log(1+maxval)
outimgarr = outimgarr.astype('int')
return outimgarr
def main():
img =[1])
imgarr = np.array(img.convert('L')) # convert image to gray image
outimg = Image.fromarray(np.uint8(HistoEqualization(imgarr))) # convert image from array to PIL
outimg2 = Image.fromarray(np.uint8(LightCorrect(HistoEqualization(imgarr)))) # convert image from array to PIL
if __name__ == "__main__": main()