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👨🏻‍💻 dotfiles for my personal macos setup

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My personal macos setup config.


🥇 Getting started

How to use this for the first time:

cd ~
git clone ./.dotfiles
echo "alias dgit='git --git-dir ~/.dotfiles/.git --work-tree=\$HOME'" >> ~/.zshrc

# WARNING: all exists files will be overwritten!
dgit reset --hard

 Update

cd ~/.dotfiles
git pull origin main
dgit reset --hard

 Sync

After changing files in your home folder, you want to sync the changes back into .dotfiles:


Keyboard bindings

Window Management

  • Controlled by skhd: ~/.config/skhd/skhdrc
  • Managed by yabai: ~/.config/yabai/yabairc
Shortcut Description
alt + hjkl Switch focus
lctrl + cmd + hjkl Swap windows
alt + s Toggle splitting
alt + shift + hjkl Increase window size
lctrl + shift + hjkl Decrease window size
alt + shift + 0 Balance windows

I'm using LunarVim as my main editor for programming, editing and writing.


Shortcut Description
lctrl + hjkl Switch focus

Kitty is my primary used terminal. It has built-in support for tabs and it's known for it's speed.


Shortcut Description
ctrl + , Switch to previous tab
ctrl + shift + , Move tab backwards
ctrl + . Switch to next tab
ctrl + shift + , Move tab forwards
cmd + t Create new tab
cmd + n Create new window with current directory

System Mappings

Controlled by hidutil.


Shortcut Description
right cmd mapped to right option To enter @ (because Keychron v2 doesn't have a right option key
capslock mapped to esc Easier access to esc
esc mapped to ^ Easier to enter something like ^g :)

Use the online tool to generate the json.



To block ads I'm using MattiSG/adblock as listed in Brewfile:

brew install mattisg/mattisg/adblock
# enable:
sudo adblock on

System Maintenance



home-manager switch


# check for updates
brew update

# install updates
brew upgrade


# check for updates
ncu -g

# install updates
bash <(curl -s

# force update:
rm -rf ~/.local/share/lunarvim
bash <(curl -s

✨ Bootstrapping

These describes the steps I did to create the .dotfiles folder:

echo "alias dgit='git --git-dir ~/.dotfiles/.git --work-tree=\$HOME'" >> ~/.zshrc

cd ~
mkdir .dotfiles
cd .dotfiles
git init .
echo "*" > .gitignore
git add -f .gitignore
git commit -m "🔥"
cd ~
dgit reset --hard

# now copy all files which should be stored in git into .dotfiles/
# then force add them to git
git add -f <files>


Created with 🔥 by @de_patwoz


👨🏻‍💻 dotfiles for my personal macos setup







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