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This project attempts to glom together all the various bits and pieces that are involved in server operations.

The general philosophy is use well written bash scripts to get everything up and running for us.

Currently this is being developed only for Arch Linux.

Bringing a Server up

Ideally we'd be using something like puppet or chef for this process. We are not, instead we have a stack of bash scripts and templates. This is due to a bit of momentum down a bad path, but no matter how unpleasant it can be found at

Step 1: Provision a Box

Right now this is pretty custom made for Linode. You'll want the
latest Arch Linux (currently Arch Linux 2011.08) and I go with
Linode's suggestion of sticking to 32 bit.

Once the server comes up you need to manually log in via ssh as

Step 2: Grab WebOps Project and Copy Cert

The goal is simple, get the webops project onto the
server. Ideally this is as simple as downloading the zip from I have been
downloading this into the root users home directory for now.

> wget

Copy a certificate or generate one in  /home/deploy/certs/
> openssl req -new -x509 -keyout -out -days 365 -nodes

**** During Development During development I'm keen on a simple tar / scp (launched from directory containing project).

 > tar zcf - webops | ssh root@ 'tar zxf -'

Step 3: Push the Big Button

While logged into the newly provisioned box, with a copy of the
webops project sitting in /root, it's time to run the script

> ./bin/archlinux_init.

That script is bash script which should update the system and
install the supporting stack of software. It should leave a system
ready for the gnomium developed web application and
server to be installed.