A fun bit of code to convert a raster image to an HTML table.
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A fun bit of code to generate an HTML table from a raster image.

Tableizr has no real practical application--- it's more of a thought experiment that arose during drinks that turned real. The only use I can think of is to generate a table to insert a graphic (e.g. a logo) into an HTML email or forum post without having to download a image resource. It's more of a funny tool than anything else.

A level of "compression" is achieved by comparing adjacent pixels and combining <td>s. This can be controlled via the parameters. With small, single color graphics, the weight of the code may be worth the trade-off. But larger, more complex images can increase the file size over the original image by over 300 times! Such enormous tables can cripple the browsers displaying them.


<?php include(img-tableizr.php) ?>, then call the function to print the table like so:

imgTableizr(string $imgSrc[, mixed $quality='medium', mixed $width='no-resize']);


$imgSrc Required. The path to the image file. Accepts .jpg, .png, .gif, and .bmp files, Both relative and absolute paths.

$quality Optional. String: 'low' 'medium' 'high' 'maximum' or any positive integer, where quality decreases as value increases from 0. See below chart for reference. Defaults to medium.

String Value
low 30
medium 20
high 10
maximum 0

$width Optional. The width in pixels that the image will be resized to. Defaults to no-resize. Resizing the image distorts the source pixels, and may cause rendering inaccuracies. NOTE: This feature requires PHP 5.5.0 or greater! Otherwise, do not pass a width to the function.

Return Value

If successful, this function echos an HTML table as a string. On failure, this function returns false.


Print a table using the original image size and medium quality:

echo imgTableizr('pic.png');

Print a table using maximum quality:

echo imgTableizr('images/pic.jpg', 'maximum');

Print a table using the URL to an image, between low and medium quality, and resized to 500px wide:

echo imgTableizr('http://example.com/pic.jpg', 25, 500);