Javascript multimedia booth to record Audio, Video and Picture from GetUserMedia and MediasRecorder APIs
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Javascript multimedia booth to record Audio and Video and Picture from GetUserMedia and MediaRecorder APIs

When dealing with recording on Javascript side, this can rapidly become a nightmare (lots of unfinished ressources and APIs changing rapidely). I made this single FUNCTIONS SET to share my implementation of a Booth which can take Photo, Record Videos or Record Audio file natively from your browser and webcam. Enjoy it.

How to use it

init_webrtc(mediaoption, srctype) 
  • mediaoption : STRING : can be : picture_snap | audio_recording | video_recording
  • srctype : STRING : if the source element name calling this function - (used when saving the video on PHP side )

Screen shots

Welcome page

video Recording step 1

video Recording step 2

picture snapshot

Audio Recording step 1

Audio Recording step 2