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latex/ contains the latex sources
java/ods contains the java sources
cpp contains the C++ sources (still under development)
To make the books (ods-java.pdf and ods-cpp.pdf and ods-python.pdf):
mkdir ~/texmf/tex/latex/ods/
cp ods-colors.sty ~/texmf/tex/latex/ods/
cd latex ; make
This will require a decent installation of pdflatex, perl, ipe, inkscape,
gnuplot, and pdftk.
If you have problems with tikz figures, consult the solution here:
If ipetoipe generates errors about ods-colors.sty, then try this:
mkdir -p ~textmf/tex/latex/ods/
ln -s $PWD/latex/ods-colors.sty ~textmf/tex/latex/ods/
To make the Java archive ods.jar:
cd java ; make
To make both:
What's in here:
java/test - Test code from Sun/Oracle and Apache
java/junk - Small sample code snippets used in the text
java/ods - The Java data structures sources
cpp - The C++ data structures sources and sample code
python - The Python code used to generate the pseudocode version
python/tests - Unit tests for the Python code
latex - The book's latex source code and scripts
latex/figs - The book's ipe figures
latex/images - Images used in the book
How it works:
The Makefile and Perl script in ./latex do the following:
1. Convert ipe figures in ./latex/figs into pdf
2. Convert svg figures in ./latex/images into pdf
3. Scan the latex sources and generate -java.tex and -cpp.tex files
that include source code from ./java and ./cpp directories
4. Run pdflatex and bibtex to generate the file ods-java.pdf and