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Slim Plugin for DocPad

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Convert any of your templates to HTML from the Slim template syntax

Convention: .anything.(slim)

NOTE: If calling metadata in your .slim templates you need to call it using = document["title"] as slim doesn't understand dot notation, i.e. document.title


  1. Install Ruby

  2. Install the Slim gem

  3. Install this plugin

    docpad install slim

Output Style

In default mode the output HTML will be in a minified state. You can prettify the HTML by setting the pretty config to true. When Docpad is in the development mode pretty is set to true.

Bundler Support

If you use Bundler to manage your rubygems, you can execute the Slim compilation using bundle exec by setting the bundler option to true. By default it is set to false.


You can discover the history inside the file

##Note This plugin is heavily influenced by Balupton's awesome Sass Docpad plugin


Copyright Pat O'Callaghan. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
Copyright © 2013 + Pat O'Callaghan