dr.rer.oec.gadget IDAPython plugin for the Interactive Disassembler
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Dr.rer.oec.Gadget IDAPython Plugin

This is an IDAPython plugin for the
Interactive Disassembler for all your
ROP experimentation needs ;-)

Develop and analyze ROP exploits for
all processor architectures supported
by IDA itself!

what's new:

* This is a fork of the 'original' Dr.Gadget plugin
* State is saved to and loaded from IDB by default
* (hopefully universal) support for all processor modules
  supported by IDA itself (including 64bit etc.)
* "plugin" interface - write a plugin for this plugin! ;-)
* IDA disassembly is kept in its original state
* hotkeys for interactive "browsing" the disassembly
  and memory for useful gadgets and strings
* context-sensitive content viewers
* show extended information about modules (ASLR/DEP)

how to install:

* copy the following files and folders to the %IDADIR%/plugins folder:
  - drgadget.py
  - /drgadget/*

how to use:

* restart IDA
* use the alt-F5 hotkey to invoke the plugin or
  invoke the plugin from the IDA plugin menu
* right-click the Dr.Gadget window for a popup
  menu to appear.
* use the context-sensitive popup menu to add/modify/delete
  items and to invoke Dr.Gadget plugins, such as the instruction finder
* import/export existing dumps of a ROP chain from/to disk
* with an item highlighted, the "-" and "+" keys on the numeric keyboard
  can be used to adjust addresses / browse memory
* the plugin may be used both during an active debugging
  session (recommended!) and on a static disassembly listing
* results will be saved to the IDA database automatically when saving
  the IDB