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@@ -1602,6 +1602,12 @@ \section{Conclusion}\label{S:discussion}
continuous-time information we get precise quantification on the
time-dependent behavior of the network effects.
+In this work, the focus has been on the coefficient vector $\beta$. Since we
+have used partial likelihood for the estimation, it has not been necessary to
+the baseline intensity $\bar \lambda_t(i)$. Were we to use the model for
+prediction, we would need to estimate the baseline intensities. This could be
+done using a Nelson-Aalen estimator as in~\citet{andersen1993statistical}.
The foundation of our work is Cox's \citeyearpar{cox1972regression}
proportional intensity model and partial likelihood theory, tools
which he first introduced almost forty years ago and which have been

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