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Missing Data Workshop ODSC London

Clone this repository on your laptops by opening a terminal/command line and typing:

git clone https://github.com/patricieni/ODSCLondon2018_MissingData.git

You will now have the same repository on your local machines. Next, we look at what to install to be able to run this notebook.

We will use Anaconda (https://www.anaconda.com/), a popular framework for managing Python (and R!) packages. Please install Anaconda from their website.

The instructions for installing the Anaconda environment for MAC and LINUX Users are all in one script. In your terminal please run: sh create_ODSC_env.sh

This will create a new Anaconda environment with (hopefully) all the Python and R packages needed. After installing, the ODSC environment is already activate but you can also do it using the below commands.

To activate the environment you need to type: source activate ODSC

To deactivate the environment you need to type: source deactivate ODSC

For Windows users, please adapt the script to run on Windows.

All the data necessary for this tutorial is under data/