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MacOSX Pre-Requisit

Macports is required to be installed. Please check for its own dependencies and installation procedure. It requires XCode and would need to be installed on your Mac. Then:

sudo port install libtool sudo port install libusb-devel +universal

Linux Pre-Requisit

sudo apt-get install cmake libglut3-dev pkg-config build-essential libxmu-dev libxi-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev

Installing need Drivers


  • Download and install last GitHub openFramework version
  • You can switch or improve ofxOpenNI version by downloading/uploading and installing ofxOpenNI from
  • On src/ofxOpenNI you will find two subdirectories, one for windows and one for osx. copy the content inside and replace the openni directory on your bin/data one by that one.
  • Open the project that correspond to your OS
  • Compile

CLICK HERE for more information and videos on how to setup and use it


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