For Mapping ofTextures to surfaces making transformations and masking all in one process
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by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo

Width this addon you can make interactive ( multiTouch & gestures reactive) surfaces using a KinectSensor. Note: For best results face the kinect directly to the surface and align the proyecto to it.


  • ofxInteractiveSurface class: esentialy it's a composition of other clases that manage the loading, tracking and rendering. Also it´s the one that send the differents events.

  • ofxInteractiveView class: it´s a regular billboard that can be translated, scaled and rotated by a matrix generated by the calibration. Also was a mask made of the contour of the surface.

  • ofxKinectAutoCalibrator: auto-mapping tool for surfaces that are strictly facing the kinect. Watch this video to see the steps

How it works

Until I made a proper graphical explanation here it´s the post on the forum:;topicseen#new

Required Addons