Md2 viewer ported to openFrameworks and
C C++
Latest commit 7d885b1 Dec 24, 2010 @patriciogonzalezvivo Not big changes. The core it´s still the same
- rename the CMD2Model class for ofxMd2
- add setRotation in order to calibrate the angles orientation of the model.
- simplify the loadModel in order to load it all in one function. More like ofx3DModelLoader 
- add a simple draw function insted the one that ask for the time frame. More like ofx3DModelLoader

README develop a viewer for 3D objects and animations on MD2 DOOM formats under C++

As he said on oF forum ( ):

"This format is fantastic! thanks to the same file we can load both the object and animation. And it works amazing but there is a thousand objects on screen without losing the timing of the animation at any time.
In addition, all the 3D software can export into this format easily."

The source is at:

Then Theo Watson make some changes to make it run nicely with freeimage and work with mac file paths.

I made some minor changes in order to make it a easy ofx addon to use with a similar structure of ofx3DModelLoader.