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ofxPro for openFrameworks

Prototyping tool for OpenFrameworks based on the core environment of CLOUDS's VisualSystems that we work together with James George and Reza Ali. ofxPro is a highly modular implementation of Reza's Rezonator, that:

  • save and load presets on the fly.

  • make your own UI modules and integrate them easily to the prototyping environment to animate it.

  • construct and edit 3D Scene by dragging lights, changing cameras, and applying FOG and other effects.

  • code shaders on realtime using your default text editor and animate the passed uniforms.

  • document your work by recording or taking snapshots of it. This documentation can be upload automatically to Flickr.

  • hand write notes on the 2D and 3D scenes to share with the rest of the team.


Require by core:

git clone --depth 1

NOTE: currently there is a bug with the last version of ofxUI. A work around is to detach the head of it to a04c286

cd openFrameworks/addons/ofxUI
git checkout a04c286


Hot Keys

  • h : show/hide the UI
  • Ctrl + f : toggle fullscreen mode
  • Ctrl + s : save (if LOG is enable uploads a screenshot to flickr)
  • Ctrl + S : save as... (make a preset)
  • Ctrl + r : start/stop recording (if LOG is enable uploads the video to flickr)
  • Ctrl + d : enable/disable DebugMode
  • Ctrl + e : enable/disable EditMode (let you drag lights)


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