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This class extends from ofShader and helps on the process to write and mantain shaders. Handles for you:

  • Automatic reloading: it's based on ofxAutoReloading from Andreas Muller.

  • Include preprocess: resolve all #include dependencies.

  • Define keywords: easy to add/remove/toggle #define keywords.

  • GLSL version conversion: depending if it's using ES, Rendering pipeline or the legacy OpenGL 2.2 version will add/remove the proper #version defines and/or presicion defines.

  • automatically filled uniforms: following the conventions introduce on The Book of Shaders and followed by glslCanvas, glslEditor and glslViewer the following uniforms are automatically handled for you:

    • uniform float u_time;: shader playback time (in seconds)

    • uniform float u_delta;: delta time between frames (in seconds)

    • uniform vec4 u_date;: year, month, day and seconds

    • uniform vec2 u_resolution;: viewport resolution (in pixels)

    • uniform vec2 u_mouse;: mouse pixel coords

Note: they only get passed if they are present on the code.


This class set's a ofFbo and a ofxShader instance inside to Sandbox your shader project to do: simulations or postprocessing filters. It automatically generates multiple buffers following the same pattern propose by glslCanvas and glslViewer so all shaders should work on WebGL through glslCanvas, the on line editor (source code here) or nativelly on on your RaspberryPi, Ubuntu Desktops or MacOS through glslViewer. Check the example multiple_buffers example to see how that works.