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@openframeworks @mfadt @CLOUDS-Interactive-Documentary @mapzen @tangrams @OpenframeProject
aleia aleinesa

neuroscientist / musician [experimenting with] programming / interaction design / generative art

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alexander Green greena1re

Symmetry Labs San Francisco

Michael Antkiewicz mikeant42

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." It's all about the []_[]


Joshua joshnewnham

We Make Play London

Alice Chen CandylabS

Music Tech student tinkering graphics, programs & electronics

Atlanta GA

Enrique nr1q

free software enthusiast, psychonaut, nature admirer and also I make websites at

Julio Del Valle G. juulio

Javascript THREE.js webGL Costa Rica San José, Costa Rica

alain.nguyen alainnguyen

BETC Digital Paris France

Mauro lvm

coding for fun and profit :alien:


Matthew Willox mwmwmw

@gskinnerTeam Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Nickson Kaigi nickaigi

I work Hard

Developer @MaxumData Nairobi, Kenya

Enrico Spinielli espinielli

Interested in dataviz and freeing human brains from being occupied with boring, repetitive, manual, click-copy-paste tasks.

Bruxelles, Belgium

Vladimir Agafonkin mourner

Engineer at @Mapbox, building mapping tools of the future. Creator of @Leaflet. Algorithms geek, rock musician, fitness enthusiast, father of twin girls.

Mapbox Kyiv, Ukraine

Denis Radin PixelsCommander

Frontend Amsterdam member

Liberty Global Amsterdam, Netherlands

Claus Witt clauswitt

Arnsbo Media Aps Århus, Denmark

Gerry Straathof nosarious

Creatively Coded Curiousity... BFA in Media Art and Digital Technologies, and an MSc in Computational Media Design.

Ger's Art Calgary, Alberta

Isaac Halvorson hisaac

Full-stack web developer from Saint Paul, MN. I fight for the users. (Repo titles containing "PRIME" are projects from my education at @PrimeAcademy)

Levelsoft Saint Paul, MN

Mathieu Mencé Matnard

Matnard Toronto Canada

MoniGarr monigarr

Lead Mobile Architect since 2010. Lead Web Architect since 1996. Available for consulting projects. Happy to travel as needed. Akwesasne, Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley (NY, CA, FL, DC USA)(ON, QC Canada)

Shuai Shao (Shrek) shrekshao

Mediocre programmer & Shameless glory seeker

Alex Wagner alexdwagner

Writer, creative coder, freelance video producer.

Dallas, Texas