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The simple way to surprise your woman using the symfony console
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#Random Flower Reminder The simple way to surprise your woman using the symfony console

Flower Reminder is a useful symfony command line tool to create random google calendar events which reminds you to buy your woman some flowers.

E.g if you want to surprise you women two times in three months and that four times in a row, Flower Reminder is your friend.


  • a google developer account
  • a google calendar

##Installation ###Prepare Google Dev

  1. goto
  2. create a new project
  3. activate the Google Calendar API
  4. create a new service account
  5. enable key generation
  6. enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation
  7. save the new key-file.json to flower-reminder/config/

###Prepare Google Calendar

  1. create an new calender
  2. share the new calender with the generated service account id email address

###Prepare the Flower Reminder and edit the parameter.xml

  1. service_account_file : The name of the key-file.json
  2. calendar_event_msg : The event name which is displayed in the calendar
  3. calendar_event_msg_description : The event description
  4. calendar_event_starttime : The start time of the event hh:mm:ss
  5. calendar_event_endtime : The end time of the event hh:mm:ss
  6. calendar_event_reminder_mail : The reminder e-mail address
  7. calendar_event_reminder_in_minutes : The time the event will be announced

##Usage ###The list command Use the list command to get the calendar id of the prepared Google Calendar

 php bin/application reminder:calendar:list
 ----------------- ------------------------------------------------------ 
  Calendar          id                                                    
 ----------------- ------------------------------------------------------ 
  Flower Reminder  
 ----------------- ------------------------------------------------------

###The dummy command Use the dummy command to verify the function of the flower reminder and the communication with google. It will generate an calendar event on November 3rd 10am-10:25am

 php bin/application reminder:calendar:create:dummy
 [OK] Event with id 94hsajdfjksdfkfggnvk created     

###The random command Use the random command to create the random events in your google calendar

 php bin/application reminder:calendar:create:random
  ! [NOTE] Creating random events                                                                                        
  8/8 [============================] 100%
  ! [NOTE] Listing events                                                                                                
  ---------------------------- --------------- 
   Event Id                     Calendar Date  
  ---------------------------- --------------- 
   3375oij0eurngq9ii01hmvlv5g   2016-10-24     
   peb90kebecdhsrtr6siaafv4f4   2016-12-02     
   t4hvp94r2tu0jhu670c6oeri1o   2017-01-23     
   cca0podk0goi2u6kk3u9hd8l28   2017-03-23     
   pmc92icqg9t12nirrqfdk7ac04   2017-05-22     
   uiavo9ju71c5ui7j5moqcopmn0   2017-06-19     
   vt9te7qle5cafel5glugj1mobg   2017-07-31     
   s7r468qfna1886ue7l3olh3hio   2017-08-06     
  ---------------------------- --------------- 
  [OK] Events created                                                                                                    

You can use the optional commands to modify the default behavior:

      --startdate[=STARTDATE]                                        The start date for the random event generation (default: now) [default: "2016-10-16 22:34:40"]
      --interval-in-months[=INTERVAL-IN-MONTHS]                      The count of months for one interval (defalut: 3) [default: 3]
      --remindings-per-interval[=REMINDINGS-PER-INTERVALL]           The count of remindings per interval (default: 2) [default: 2]
      --intervals[=INTERVALS]                                        The loop of intervals (default: 4) [default: 4]
      --multiple-reminders-per-month[=MULTIPLE-REMINDERS-PER-MONTH]  Allow Multiple remindings in a single month (default: 0) [default: 0]

##Test You can test the Flower Reminder using php vendor/bin/phpunit tests/

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