Python script that generates the content of the @IrishLitTweets Twitter account.
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v1.3: 10 October 2015

This script generates the content of the @IrishLitTweets Twitter account. There's a general overview and a more technical write-up. This script's extra material is currently left behind to be periodically posted to the Automated Irish Literature Discourses Tumblr account; there's a separate script that handles that process.

This script is a replacement for my earlier bash script, which previously generated the script's content. I re-wrote it in Python both because I needed a Python project as I learn the language and because doing so will make it easier to continue to develop and maintain the script in the future. Bash is an ugly and awkward language for scripting.

This script works for me, but you'll have to adapt it to your own needs. I explicitly disclaim all resposibility for what happens if you adapt it and/or use it in your own circumstances.

This program is copyright © 2015 by Patrick Mooney; it is licensed under the GPL v3 or, at your option, any later version. See the file for a copy of this licence.

Version history, known bugs, and future plans are listed in the file.