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Converts a grading Excel sheet into Markdown documents.

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Turns Excel worksheets into grade/score documents.


Given such an Excel Worksheet (see examples/example.xlsx):

Example Excel Worksheet

The following commands converts each line (except for the title and reference line) into a Markdown file:

$ gradedocs/ examples/example.xlsx

The scoring criteria can be abbreviated in the Excel sheet for better overview. A (partial) criteria mapping YAML file can be defined to replace those by longer names:

$ gradedocs/ examples/example.xlsx --catfile examples/categories.yaml

It is possible to reduce the points needed for the maximum grade using the --mercy flag:

$ gradedocs/ examples/example.xlsx --mercy 5

Worksheet Structure

The worksheet must meet the following column requirements:

  • The first three column identify a student:
    1. Class
    2. Last Name
    3. First Name
  • The next two columns contain the result: 4. Points scored 5. Grade achieved
  • All the following columns contain the scores of the individual criteria.
    • Numeric values will be used to calculate the scores achieved—both for the individual criteria and for the total.
    • Non-numeric values will be read into a "miscellaneous" section to be displayed separately.

Note that the total score and grade, which are usually computed by a formula, will be ignored. The program will re-calculate them on its own.

The worksheet must meet the following row requirements:

  1. The first row is the title row, defining the criteria.
  2. The second row is the reference row, which contains the maximum possible score per criterium.
  3. All the following rows are student rows, which are used to generate the actual documents.

In this example, two files will be generated:

Which can be converted to a PDF using the examples/Makefile (given that pandoc, XeLaTeX, and a couple of fonts—Lato, Vollkorn, Fira Code—are installed):

$ make 6a_huber_jasmin.pdf

The result is a PDF that looks as follows:

Example PDF Grading Sheet

Type gradedocs/ --help for more information on the command line parameters and arguments.


Converts a grading Excel sheet into Markdown documents.






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