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Sideshow jacket for Simplify
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Sideshow is a minimalist jacket for Simplify that showcases cover art, designed for large secondary displays such as an LCD TV.

Sideshow currently supports a black colour scheme and displays artwork at 800px. You can click anywhere within the jacket bounds to play/pause.

Requires Simplify 2.7+



Sideshow is a remix of the excellent Sidecar jacket by Brett Terpstra. This would not have been possible without Brett’s hard work.

Download & Installation

  1. Download the jacket by clicking “Clone or Download” and “Download ZIP”
  2. Double-click the jacket to install it
  3. The jacket is now available to select through the Simplify preferences window.

Known Issues & Limitations

  • Text currently does not truncate to ellipses if overflowing in the title field.
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