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Port of Clouds/Parasites/Beat Repeat to Grayscale Supercell and Microcell platforms.

Note that this version has platform-specific drivers and a custom linker script and is not compatible with other hardware versions of Clouds.

It is based off the Parasites codebase and merges the two modes from Beat Repeat for a total of eight modes:

  • Granular
  • Pitch shifter/time stretch
  • Looping delay
  • Spectral madness
  • Oliverb
  • Resonestor
  • Beat Repeat
  • Spectral clouds

As far as possible, the commit history has been preserved, for better for worse...

Hardware Variants

Since there is a small hardware difference (inverted pots) there are two possible build targets: Supercell and Microcell

  • To build for Supercell hardware, use make -f supercell/makefile VARIANT=SUPERCELL .... The resulting files are in build/supercell/.
  • To build for Microcell hardware, use make -f supercell/makefile VARIANT=MICROCELL .... The resulting files are in build/microcell/.

This doesn't change anything for the bootloader (1), which should be common to both(famous last words...)

At the risk of repeating myself: This code is not compatible with other hardware versions of Clouds!


  • (1) The bootloader is the least tested part of this project.
  • Released versions have been compiled using gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_4-2016q3
  • The stmlib submodule still uses mqtthiqs/stmlib which has diverged somewhat from pichenettes'. This allowed setting of an external linker script out-of-the-box.
  • However, that does mean that the scripts for programming appear to require openocd 0.9.0 so the command line calls may be different to a current version of pichenettes' repo.
  • The submodule stm_audio_bootloader has been updated to the latest master to work with newer python versions.
  • The custom linker script adds sections for relevant C++ features.


Code (STM32F projects): MIT license.


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