Library for document analysis (segmentation, tokenization, normalization, aggregation) with the goal to get a set of items that can be inserted into a strus storage. Also some functions for analysing tokens or phrases of the strus query are provided.
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Library for building the document analysis for information retrieval engines.
Used as an extension of Strus.

Licenced as MPLv2 (Mozilla Public License, Version 2 -
For 3rdParty licenses see LICENSE.3rdParty

The project Strus implements a set of libraries, tools for building a competitive, 
scalable search engine for text retrieval.
It is a solution for small projects as well as larger scale applications.
Strus project homepage at with articles, links, documentation.

For installation see description files INSTALL.<platform> in the top level directory of the project.

The project is built regularly with Travis ( 
and with OpenSuse (