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A Drupal 8 module that allows for CSV migrations to be performed in batches.
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Migration Batch

A Drupal 8 module to perform CSV migrations in batches.


When migrating large CSV files into Drupal, the migration process can occasionally run out of memory. This module temporarily divides the source CSV file into smaller files to perform the migration.


This module simply extends the default drush migrate:import command with two additional options:

Batch Size

--batch-size controls how many lines the temporary CSV batch files have


drush migrate:import:batch sample_migration --batch-size=100

When run, the source CSV file for the sample_migration migration will be divided into smaller files with 100 lines each. These files are stored in the private files directory at the URI of private://migration_batch/batched_migrations and are cleaned up after completion.

Source File

--source-file allows for a different file than is defined in the migration to be used

Note: Rolling back may be affected if various source files are used with a single migration.


drush migrate:import:batch sample_migration --source-file=private://migrations/test.csv

Runs the sample_migration migration with the source file in the migration's configuration replaced with the file at private://migrations/test.csv

Common questions

  1. How does rolling back work?

Rolling back should complete correctly. The smaller batched files add to the migration map database table just like one, larger migration file. Memory is not as scarce when rolling back.

See also

  1. Writing a script to automate rerunning migrations when out of memory:
  2. Another post on writing a script to automate migrations, but using an approach utilizing the limit flag:
  3. issue about memory reclamation:
  4. issue about batches not being restarted completely:
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