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Presentation/rant on WCAG interpretation for auditors and developers
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WCAG interpretation

These Aren't The SCs You're Looking For...

WCAG is supposed to give us a reasonably objective way of saying whether or not the sites we are building/auditing are "accessible" (to a particular baseline). However, they are only as useful as our understanding and interpretation of the actual guidelines' normative text. And of course they're not perfect - with some omissions, handwaving, and straight up loopholes. So where does this leave developers and auditors? In this talk, Patrick may not have all the answers, but he'll have a good rant around the subject anyway...

Repository structure

  • gh-pages contains the latest/most complete version of this presentation – a big brain-dump of all things relating to WCAG interpretation, current gaps and loopholes
  • individual workshops/conference talks which use a shortened or adapted version of these slides live in their own separate branches – these are usually left dangling/unmerged
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