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ESP8266 WiFi RGBWW LED Dimmer v1.5

Custom Hardware board for controlling 5 Led Channels via PWM (RGB + Warm/Cold White). It is designed for max current ~4.5A per Channel.


  • 1.5 (31.01.2017)

    • DCDC wandler has been remeasured and provided for through hole mounting on pin headers
    • Jumper introduced for allowing for external 3,3V connections
    • measurements have been changed to 53mm*47mm with mounting holes tailored towards "Strapubox CO 4" casing
    • C1 has been replaced with a smaller form factor
  • 1.3 (20.02.2016)

    • added another tact switch which can be used during boot to reset settings
    • silksceen naming updated
  • 1.2 (16.02.2016)

    • improved the layout for better EMV
    • added buffer capacitor for dc converter
    • added filter capacitor close to ESP8266
  • 1.1 (01.02.2016)

    • connected ADC
    • some layout improvements


  • 1x ESP8266, ESP-12 format
  • 1x XM1584 Power converter (set to 3.3v!)
  • 5x IRLZ44N Mosfet (logic level gate threshold)
  • 11x 10k resistors, 0805 (R1 - R11)
  • 1x 1k resistors, 0805 (R12)
  • 1x 330 µF Elko RM 2.5 mm (C1)
  • 1x 100 µF Elko RM 2.5 mm (C3)
  • 1x 100 nF capacitor 0805(C2)
  • 3x 5,08mm 2pin terminal block
  • 1x 5,08mm 3pin terminal block
  • 1x 2,54mm 4pin header
  • 2x Micro SMD Tact Switch 2 pin 362.5 mm (optional)


Assembly of the PCB Board is straight forward, solder all parts to the PCB.

Caution : before soldering the esp module to the PCB, set the output voltage of XM1584 converter to 3.3v

Recommended steps

  • Start with soldering the smd resistors
  • Ensure the output voltage of XM1584 converter is 3.3v before continuing.
  • Solder the XM1584 Power Board
  • Solder ESP8266 Module
  • Optional: solder SMD Tact Switch
  • Solder Elkos
  • Solder Terminal Blocks, 4pin header
  • Solder FETs


Firmware is still work in progress.

Latest can be found here:


The schematic and board files are compatible with eagle 7.2+


Here are some ideas for future revisions

  • see if we can clear some GPIOs and provide them via PIN Header for other enhancements (i.e. IR / Rotary Controller)
  • change layout for VCC/GND to be on the left side
  • connect ADC to detect power failure


Thread in Fhem Forum


Thanks to RiRomain for his excellent documentated ESP RGB Project


Custom Board to control RGB + WW channels via Wifi utziling ESP8266




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