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Flickr Management System is a filesystem that syncs a Flickr account to a directory.
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Created by: Patrick Jennings

Are you tired of spending a significant amount of time messing around with the
Flickr website? Are you sick of seeing advertisements on every page you load?
Or are you just looking for an easier way to manage your Flickr photos from any
computer? Imagine being able to use the applications you want to view and modify
your photos while still taking advantage of the unlimited storage space of the
Flickr cloud! Paying for Flickr Pro is no longer the only option for satisfying
your desire for photo perfection... not when there is FlickrMS!

This application can be used to mount a Flickr account directly onto your
file system. The photos will seem to be on your local machine but all changes
done will also affect the users Flickr account. Once mounted, the file system
will act like any other directory and you can use any of your favorite image
viewers or editors to access your Flickr photos!

Photos will be placed in directories that represent which photoset the photo
belongs to. If a photo does not belong to a photoset, the photo will appear in
the root directory. A photo that has an empty name in Flickr, will display its
Flickr photo id instead. All of this is to ensure that all of your photos will
be organized the way you intended and are perfectly viewable from the file

The application is written in C and was designed for efficiency and
compatability.  It will run on any POSIX compliant machine. This means all
UNIX-based and BSD-based machines should be supported. The application will use
the lowest amount of resources possible. The internal caching mechanism
dynamically grows to allow for infinite storage capacity while still recognizing
remote changes to the Flickr account.

FlickrMS was written by an experienced and well-educated hacker. As such, the
file system will be tested for bugs and UI malfunctions. If you find any pressing
concerns, please let them be known at the following URL:


See for more
information about installing dependencies.

FlickrMS comes with a custom Makefile that can be used to create the binary
application. To compile and create the binary, simply type:

$ make

To install the binary, type:

$ sudo make install

To uninstall, simply type:

$ sudo make uninstall

The configuration is the same used by the flickcurl library. On first
start, a configuration file is created for the user. You must authorize
the use of your flickr account in order to gain the ability to see and
edit photos.

See for more information on Flickrcurl API
configuration and
for more information on authorization.

To mount, execute:

$ flickrms mountDir/

This mounts the file system onto the empty directory 'mountDir'. Then
the you will be able to navigate into 'mountDir' and directly access
your Flickr photos! You will then be able to interact with the files
and folders just like if they were on your local computer.

To unmount, execute:

$ fusermount -u mountDir/

This will remove the file system from the 'mountDir' directory. If you
navigate into 'mountDir' you will notice that your Flickr photos will
no longer be visible.
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