Logstash configuration for pfSense syslog events.
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Logstash configuration for pfSense syslog events. Gives a nice dashboard for displaying blocked events from the firewall.

Includes a modified logstash configuration to work with the latest pfSense release v2.4 and Elastic services release v5.5.2.

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How to install


Enable remote logging in the pfSense web UI by going to:

Status -> System Logs -> Settings

In Remote Logging Options, check "Enable Remote Logging", and add your remote Logstash server to the "Remote log servers". For example:

Finally, check the "Everything" checkbox for "Remote Syslog Contents".


Edit conf.d/10-syslog.conf and change the host conditional on line 4 to be your pfSense IP address if it is not the default

Copy the contents of the conf.d and patterns directories to /etc/logstash/.


Import the visualizations.json and dashboard.json.