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grunt plugin to compile static html from a handlebars plugin
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grunt-compile-handlebars Build Status

Compiles handlebar templates, outputs static HTML

Getting Started

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's grunt.js gruntfile with: npm install grunt-compile-handlebars

Then add this line to your project's Gruntfile.js gruntfile:




patrick kettner - a web developer who consistently worked with large static data sets.


grunt-compile-handlebars takes in a handlebars tempalte (and optionally static pre and post html), runs a dataset over it, and outputs static html.


inside of a grunt task. I assume you know what gruntjs is, but if not -


You have ton of data that rarely changes that you want to template.


There are a lot of different ways to input data, it accepts most any dynamic and static input. Heres a few of the ways you can use it

'compile-handlebars': {
    allStatic: {
      preHTML: 'test/fixtures/pre-dev.html',
      postHTML: 'test/fixtures/post-dev.html',
      template: 'test/fixtures/template.handlebars',
      templateData: 'test/fixtures/data.json',
      output: 'tmp/allStatic.html'
    dynamicTemplate: {
      template: '<h1>{{salutation}}{{punctuation}} {{location}}</h1>',
      templateData: 'test/fixtures/data.json',
      output: 'tmp/dynamicTemplate.html'
    dynamicTemplateData: {
      template: 'test/fixtures/template.handlebars',
      templateData: {
          "salutation": "Hallo",
          "punctuation": ",",
          "location": "Welt"
      output: 'tmp/dynamicTemplateData.html'
    dynamicPre: {
      preHTML: '<header>INLINE HEADER</header>',
      template: 'test/fixtures/template.handlebars',
      templateData: 'test/fixtures/data.json',
      output: 'tmp/dynamicPre.html'
    dynamicPost: {
      postHTML: '<footer>INLINE HEADER</footer>',
      template: 'test/fixtures/template.handlebars',
      templateData: 'test/fixtures/data.json',
      output: 'tmp/dynamicPost.html'
    allArray: {
      template: ['test/fixtures/deep/spanish.handlebars', 'test/fixtures/deep/deeper/portuguese.handlebars'],
      templateData: ['test/fixtures/deep/spanish.handlebars', 'test/fixtures/deep/deeper/portuguese.json'],
      output: ['tmp/deep/spanish.html','tmp/deep/deeper/portuguese.html'],
      helpers: ['test/helpers/super_helper.js'],
      partials: ['test/fixtures/deep/shared/foo.handlebars']
    globbedTemplateAndOutput: {
      template: 'test/fixtures/deep/**/*.handlebars',
      templateData: 'test/fixtures/deep/**/*.json',
      output: 'tmp/deep/**/*.html'
    globalJsonGlobbedTemplate: {
      template: 'test/fixtures/deep/**/*.handlebars',
      templateData: 'test/fixtures/deep/**/*.json',
      output: 'tmp/deep/**/*.html',
      helpers: 'test/helpers/**/*.js',
      partials: 'test/fixtures/deep/shared/**/*.handlebars',
      globals: [


I had to work with several hundred repeated data structures that never changed. Keeping them all in html was silly, but pushing out a template engine for the end user to compile the same information multiple times was even sillier. This allows you to have your templated cake and eat it too.

Release History

  • 0.7.4 - M. Jean - don't send objects to handlebars.compile, code cleanup
  • 0.7.3 - Cousin Ben - switch from require to readFile to allow for html in partials
  • 0.7.2 - Bernice - @stimmins improved handling of templateData and globals
  • 0.7.1 - Margaret - fix 0.8 compatibility
  • 0.7.0 - Rosemary - Allow for arrays instead of globbing, remove depreicated grunt methods
  • 0.6.3 - Pelé - @mattcg fixed an issue with large amounts of templates
  • 0.6.2 - Dignan - @goette added support for a global json config
  • 0.6.1 - Grace - @robinqu added support for handlebars partials
  • 0.6.0 - Future Man - added globbing, lots more test
  • 0.4.0 - Oseary - upgraded to grunt 0.4, removed extra tasks, added tests
  • 0.0.2 - Inez - changed to grunt's native json parser (thanks to @sebslomski). Updated Readme
  • 0.0.1 - Dudley - Initial commit


Copyright (c) 2014 Patrick Kettner Licensed under the MIT license.

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