An elevator algorithm simulator
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An elevator algorithm simulator


How it works

  • Create a text file containing the simulation you would like to run with proper format

  • Sample format:

    Elevator 1 10 20
    ElevatorRequest 1 0 0 4 2
  • This spawns an elevator on the ground floor with capacity for ten people, and a max speed of 20 km/h

  • Also, a request for the elevator is spawned. This request spawns at time zero and wishes to go from the ground floor to the fourth floor. This request is two people

Running the program

  • Clone the repo to your machine:

    git clone
  • Navigate to the directory you saved it in:

    cd my-stuff/elevate
  • Run using Python 3:

    python3 simulation
  • Results for the simulation you created will output, giving two sets of results, one solving for time, the other for shortest distance travelled