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Random password generation from the command line

Create random passwords using a dictionary of close to one hundred thousand English words

Table of Contents


  • password_creator is entirely hosted on the client machine, no internet connection is ever used after installation.

  • All words used in passwords are randomly sampled from a set of 99172 common english words, which can be found in password_creator/

  • If default settings are used, there are > 1.62 * 10^14 different possibilities for the output.

  • Randomness is provided by the python random.sample function.

  • Note: This project has not been security audited. Use passwords from here at your own risk.


Project inspired by the 1password random password generator.


$ pip install password-creator


$ password_creator
razors-snip-horsehairs # Just an example, your passwords will be different


  • By default, passwords are three random words long, delimited with dashes.

  • Numbers and special characters can be added if you want them

  • The number of characters in a password can also be set.

  • All, some, one, or none of these can be changed at will:

$ password_creator --set_length x
# Sets the number of words in the password to be integer x
$ password_creator --set_delimiter c
# Sets the delimiter between the words to be string c
$ password_creator --set_chars y
# Sets the total number of characters in the password to be integer y
$ password_creator --with_numbers
# Add random numbers from 1 - 1000 to the password (at a 1:10 ratio)
$ password_creator --with_specials
# Adds random characters from {"!", "@", "#", "$", "%", "^", "&", "*", "("}
# to the password (at a 1:10 ratio)

Note that the ratio for --with_specials and --with_numbers is shared

  • Examples:
$ password_creator --set_length 6 --set_delimiter /
stumbles/almanacs/weevils/exemplified/spiffy/mortises # An example
$ password_creator --set_chars 4
flou # An example
$ password_creator --with_specials --with_numbers                                    
mooch-kinsma6%25ns-handbags # An example
  • Notes
    • Any valid integer can be used as a length or number of characters.
    • Delimiters can be any string. The last character in the full password (this will be either the delimiter or the last character of the delimiter if the delimiter is a bigger string) is striped by default as to avoid having to use recursion. This cannot currently be changed


PRs accepted.

Small note: If editing the Readme, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © Patrick Harris