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(C) Patrick Lodder 2012, Licensed under the MIT-LICENSE

Collects data from one to many async calls and pushes out events based on the data collected.


npm install datacollector

Example Usage

Anonymous collector

var DataCollector = require('datacollector');

var dc = new DataCollector(2);
dc.on('complete', function(err, data) {


// ['1st', '2nd']

Named collector

var DataCollector = require('datacollector');

var dc = new DataCollector(['1st', '2nd']);
dc.on('complete', function(err, data) {

dc.collect('1st', 'first');
dc.collect('2nd', 'second');

// {'1st': 'first', '2nd': 'second'}

Anonymous Parallel Processor

var parallel = require('datacollector').parallel;
var data = ['1st', '2nd'];

parallel( (elem) {
   return function (cb) { cb(elem); };
// ['1st', '2nd']

Named Parallel Processor

var parallel = require('datacollector').parallel;
var pp = parallel({
    '1st': function (cb) { cb(null, 'first'); },
    '2nd': function (cb) { cb(null, 'second'); }
// {'1st': 'first', '2nd': 'second'}


new DataCollector(keys, recordEmpty, recordAll)

instantiates a new data collector

  • keys
    • Array - keys that are to be collected, or
    • number - number of expected collects
  • recordEmpty: bool - record null and undefined values. Optional, default: false.
  • recordAll: bool - record keys that were not expected. Optional, default: false.

Passing an array as the first argument will collect named values in an object, passing a number will record values anonymously in an array.


dc.collect(key, value)

Collect a value

  • key: string - key to collect, optional
  • value: any - the value to collect

dc.get(key, callback)

Retrieve a value from the collection. Executes callback immediately when the value is already collected, otherwise it calls the callback on collection of the value. Returns an error if the collected value is an instance of Error or when calling this on an anonymous collector.

  • key: string - key to get the value for
  • callback: function (error, value) - callback to pass the error/value to.


  • complete: (error, collection) - Error-intolerant event that will fire when the collection is completed or the first collected Error
  • ready: (collection) - Error-tolerant event that will fire when the collection is completed, regardless of collected Errors
  • err: (key, error) - Fires whenever an instance of Error has been collected
  • collected: (key, value) - Fires every time an item is collected. Key can be either the key name or the candidate index where the value will be stored anonymously.
  • [key]: (value) - During named collection, fires after key has been collected


Initiates a ParallelProcessor that will execute given instructions.


  • Array - array of functions to execute.
  • Object - hash of named functions to execute.

Running the tests

npm test - runs all tests