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Apper (name temporary) is a Python WSGI mini-framework designed for quick development with minimal magic.

The primary encapsulation unit is a Python module: Create functions using the provided dectorators in a module, then create an Apper instance, passing it a dictionary of the form path_prefix -> module.

Apper's only dependency is WebOb, and can be installed with pip install webob.

Mini-Framework Mini-Example

For more examples, check out the examples/ dir, or for an insta-demo, run python -m examples.simple.main and go to http://localhost:8080/.

from apper import get

def hello(req, resp, name):
    return "Hello, %s!" % name

def hello_world(req, resp):
    return hello_name(req, resp, "world")

from apper import Apper

import hello

app = Apper({
    '/hello': hello

Serve app with your favorite WSGI server, then go to /hello/insert_name_here for a pleasant greeting.