Very strong password digests for Go
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go-hmaccrypt provides very strong password digests using a combination of a
peppered hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) and a salted adaptive
key derivation function like bcrypt.

A digest of each password is generated using e.g. HMAC-SHA512 with a pepper--a
value stored separately from the final digests--after which a bcrypt digest
of the HMAC digest is generated. The bcrypt digest is saved in e.g. a database.

With this approach, you can ensure the safety of user passwords even if an
SQL injection compromises the contents of your database's users table, or if
a weakness is found in e.g. bcrypt.

This approach is described on

go-hmaccrypt can be used safely by multiple goroutines.

== Installation

go get

== Documentation

go doc

== Usage

import (

pepper := []byte("randomly generated sequence stored on disk or in the source")
crypt := hmaccrypt.New(sha512.New, pepper)

password := []byte("f00b4r!")
digest, err := crypt.Bcrypt(password, 10)
if err != nil {
// save the bcrypt digest in the database

if err := crypt.BcryptCompare(digest, password); err == nil {
	// the password is a match