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Optimus Cache Prime (OCP) is a smart cache preloader for websites with XML
sitemaps. It crawls all URLs in a given sitemap so the web server builds
cached versions of the pages before visitors or search engine spiders arrive.

Since Google began penalizing websites with long response times in their
rankings, serving all of your pages quickly has become more important than
ever. Optimus Cache Prime helps you do that by making sure your cache--be it
an in-memory cache like memcached or APC, or a flat file cache like WP Super
Cache or W3 Total Cache--is primed so random requests are served lightning fast.

== Installation

Download OCP from

If you have Go installed, you can run: go get
(an ocp binary will be added to your GOPATH/bin folder)

Note: You do not need to have Go installed to run the stand-alone version.

== Usage


Run ocp without any arguments for details.

See for more information.


Smart cache preloader for websites with XML sitemaps




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