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Ada for Microcontrollers

This software consists of a makefile and patches to enable using the GNAT GPL 2015 Linux-hosted arm-eabi toolchain to build an Ada application for the Atmel SAM4S MCU.

Support is provided for the "ravenscar-full" runtime. The following packages were added to the ravenscar-full runtime:

  • Ada.Streams
  • Ada.Tags.Generic_Dispatching_Constructor
  • Interfaces.C.Pointers

The "ravenscar-sfp" runtime is also supported. The following packages were added to the ravenscar-sfp runtime:

  • Ada.Streams
  • Ada.Tags.Generic_Dispatching_Constructor
  • Interfaces.C.Pointers
  • Ada.IO.Exceptions

If you do not wish to include these packages, then modify Makefile.hie and accordingly.

Peripheral support is provided in SAM4S. packages.

To build and use the toolchain, perform the following steps:

  1. In your own Makefile, set the variables ROOT_DIR and OUTPUT_DIR.
  2. Place the contents of this repository in $(ROOT_DIR)/toolchain/
  3. Include in your own makefile.
  4. Download the following files and place them in $(ROOT_DIR)/toolchain/dl:
    • gnat-gpl-2015-arm-elf-linux-bin.tar.gz
    • gnat-gpl-2015-src.tar.gz
    • bb-runtimes-gpl-2015-src.tar.gz
    • gcc-4.9-gpl-2015-src.tar.gz
  5. Add a rule to your own Makefile to build the toolchain. For example:

ROOT_DIR = $(shell dirname $(abspath $(firstword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))) OUTPUT_DIR = $(ROOT_DIR)/output

include toolchain/*.mk


  1. Add a rule to your own Makefile to build your application with this toolchain. For example, if you are using a gpr project, then:

OBJ_DIR := obj GPRCONFIG := $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/gnat/bin/gprconfig GPRBUILD := $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/gnat/bin/gprbuild GPRCLEAN := $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/gnat/bin/gprclean CONFIG_FILE := $(OBJ_DIR)/my_proj.cgpr

$(MY_EXE): $(TOOLCHAIN) $(OBJ_DIR) $(MY_SOURCE) $(CONFIG_FILE) @echo Building file: $@ @PATH=$(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/gnat/bin:$(PATH) $(GPRBUILD) --target=arm-eabi -P$(ROOT_DIR)/my_proj.gpr --config=$(CONFIG_FILE)