Bootstrap/HTML5 boilerpate based starter theme for Drupal 7.x
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#Bootstrap Blocks ![Gitter]( Chat.svg)

Bootstrap Blocks is a Bootstrap-based, HTML5 BP base theme for Drupal 7.x. Includes lots of goodies, like Icomoon, and Modernizr.


  • Bootstrap integration
  • Clean HTML5 templates
  • Icomoon Support
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Grunt
  • Cleaned Drupal output
  • Organized, easy to understand folder structure
  • Cool drush make file: bootstrapblocks.make

##The Module Bootstrap Blocks Module allows you to add custom Bootstrap-ized elements, like configurable Bootstrap menu blocks, navbars (including a nice Administration navbar) carousels from content types, and more. It's pretty much a staple for using this theme.


Pretty easy stuff:

  1. Get the Files - Download or clone the repository into Drupal's sites/all/themes directory. Or, just use drush make with the bootstrapblocks.make file.
  2. Install jQuery Update - drush en jquery_update -y, or download and install the jQuery Update module manually.
  3. Install Grunt Requirements - cd to the theme root and run npm install. This will install all the npm packages that Grunt needs to properly run.
  4. Enable and Set Default - There are a couple ways to enable themes in Drupal:
  5. Drush If you have Drush installed, run drush pm-enable BootstrapBlocks && drush vset theme_default BootstrapBlocks
  6. Administraion UI - Navigate to admin/appearance/list and click "Enable and set default"

For more information on installing themes in Drupal, please visit the official Theme Installation documentation on


This project is meant to be a base theme. You can take it and build a custom theme on it, or use it as a parent theme to your own theme.


… is welcome and wanted. :) fork and contribute!

##License licensed under the MIT License.