Grunt-based email-writing system. LESS, Bootstrap, Grunt, Zip archives.
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Modern Mail

Modern Mail is a lil' package that allows you to quickly and easily write emails. It enables you to use LESS, and includes a skinned-down email version of Bootstrap. Grunt is used to compile all the LESS, and will also rip out an .zip archive of your email, so you can import it into Mailchimp, Madmimi, or whatever email service you prefer.


To get started, run npm install. Then, run grunt watch while you are building your email. This cranks up a watch tasks that compiles all the less into the email.html file. Running grunt will finalize the project by compiling the less, inlining all of the styles, and archive the project into a .zip file. (archives appear in the /output/ folder).


Write all of your styles (while running the grunt watch task) in /assets/css/app.less. All LESS will be processed into /assets/css/style.css, which is loaded into email.html.

Client-Specific Email Fixes

Modern Mail includes a number of email client css fixes, (kudos to HTML Email Boilerplate, I borrowed a few of the fixes from there.)

CSS Inliner

When you run grunt an email.inline.html file with all of your LESS/CSS inline will be created/updated. That's what goes into the final .zip archive as well.


Run grunt in the project root, and an archive of your email and it's assets will be zipped into /output/

In Progress

I'm doing testing as I get time to fix issues in this project, and make it as easy as possible to quickly rip out compatable emails.