A PowerShell script to quickly install Sitecore.Ship from a NuGet feed.
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This PowerShell script will install Sitecore.Ship onto a Sitecore instance from a NuGet package. Here is an overview of the steps performed:

  1. Download Sitecore.Ship from a NuGet feed
  2. Recursively download dependent packages
  3. Create a web.config transform from Sitecore.Ship's NuGet packages and your chosen options
  4. Install assemblies and apply config files
  5. Writes to an (optional) log file


  • Target Sitecore instance must be Sitecore 8 initial release or greater
  • Sitecore.Ship NuGet Package must be 0.4.0+
  • Identity of account running script must have read/write access to Sitecore web site file system.

How To Use

  1. Download script and config file
  2. Edit config file
  3. Run Powershell as Administrator and invoke .\SitecoreShipInstall.ps1


  • If you see an error in PowerShell complaining that "the execution of scripts is disabled on this system." then you need to invoke Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Force
  • If you receive a security warning after invoking .\SitecoreShipInstall.ps1 and want to make it go away permanently, then right-click on the install.ps1 file and "Unblock" it.