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CLI scripts to sync Mahara database with an LDAP
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Please note that these scripts are for Mahara 1.7 and below. Starting at mahara 1.8, they are now included in core distribution
(see ) 

Quick installation guide :

1) using git : in mahara's local directory execute the following command :

  git clone

or 1bis) download the latest zip of the code from and unzip it
into mahara's local directory and rename patrickpollet-mahara_ldap_sync_xxxxx folder to mahara_ldap_sync

2)copy or symlink the file mahara_ldap_sync/lang/en.utf8/local.ldap.php into local/lang/en.utf8. You may have to create this directory

3) you may have to edit the file mahara/auth/ldap/lib.php to replace all occurence of word private to protected.

4) in case a new version is released on github just type on the command line 'git pull' within directory local/mahara_ldap_sync if you are using git
 or repeat step 1bis otherwise.

Documentation :

 See the wiki page dor more details and usage :

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