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This is a collection of Java classes that allow easy access to OK Tech Moodle Web Service using REST protocol and JSON output format from Java clients using GSON library such as Android but also regular java programs
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This is a collection of Java classes that allow easy access to OK Tech Moodle Web Service running in REST mode
from Java clients using Google GSON  library such as Android/iPhone  but also regular java programs 

1) Usage :
Copy the dist/moodlews_gson_x.x.x.jar in the classpath of your project and call its methods
See classes in net.patrickpollet.moodlews_gson 

Get the latest gson-xxxx.jar from Google site and add it to the classpath of your project.
All testings were done with gson-1.7.1.jar and latest gson-2.2.1.jar , that are also provided for your convenience in the lib/ directory. 

2) Running the test classes against your Moodle server :
The tests classes require the URL of a Moodle server and a login/password for an user with sufficient capabilities.
These data are expected to be in a file named

- rename the provided file to
- edit it to provide the actual informations  

package net.patrickpollet.moodlews_gson;
public class Constantes {
	// TESTING adjust to your site
	public static final String MOODLE_URL = "http://localhost/moodle.195/";
	public  static final String LOGIN = "somemoodleuserwithgood capabilities";
	public static final String PWD = "itspassword";
	public static final boolean WS_DEBUG = false;

- rebuild your project

3) What version of OK Tech WSDL to use ? 
Historically the OK Tech WS was a SOAP only server using a manually edited WSDL file (wspp/moodlewsdl.xml) that was sent to clients
 (and also used by server) by a call to  http://yourmoodle/wspp/wsdl_pp.php.
In this WSDL returned data as arrays where placed in an XML attribute named courses, users ... and were extracted by an extraneous call
to a method getXXX() such as :

old java code when importing net.patrickpollet.moodlewsold.core.*  (see

			MoodleWSBindingStub moodle=new MoodleWSBindingStub(MOODLE_SERVICE,MOODLE_NAMESPACE,Constantes.WS_DEBUG);
			LoginReturn lr = moodle.login(Constantes.LOGIN, Constantes.PWD);
			int me =moodle.get_my_id(lr.getClient(),lr.getSessionkey());
			System.out.println ("me "+me);
			CourseRecord []ret = moodle.get_my_courses(lr.getClient(),lr.getSessionkey(), me,null).getCourses();

Starting at revision 1.8, another simpler wsdl file is provided that is automatically generated by the
wshelper utility from the PHP docs comments in the class mdl_soapserver.class.php file. by the script wspp/genwsdl.php :

The new address of the wsdl is  http://yourmoodle/wspp/wsdl_pp2.php and the service script is at http://yourmoodle/wspp/service_pp2.php

In this new WSDL, returned arrays are directly available :  

new java code when importing net.patrickpollet.moodlews.core.* (see

 			Mdl_soapserverBindingStub moodle = new Mdl_soapserverBindingStub(MOODLE_SERVICE,MOODLE_NAMESPACE, Constantes.WS_DEBUG);
			LoginReturn lr = moodle.login(Constantes.LOGIN, Constantes.PWD);
 			int me = moodle.get_my_id(lr.getClient(),lr.getSessionkey());
			System.out.println("me " + me);
			// NO NEED TO CALL 	getCourses() to fetch the returned array , but parameter userid is now a String 
			CourseRecord[] ret = moodle.get_my_courses(lr.getClient(), lr.getSessionkey(), "" + me, null);

In REST mode, usage of this new version i.e. classes generated in net.patrickpollet.moodlews_gson is now mandatory for REST java clients.

4) Where is the list of available operations ?
The list of operations is exactly the same at the operations provided by the SOAP version and will be available here :
In the meantime you may consult the ksoap2 version : 
5) Updating the helper classes :
In case of evolution of the WSDL emitted by OK Tech WS, you must regenerate your helper classes using the provided 
WSDL2gson program (see net.patrickpollet.moodlews_gson.wsdl package) which is a modified version of Apache's axis 1.4 WSDL2Java utility modified for gson

to get a revised version with the new WSDL use 

java java net.patrickpollet.gson.wsdl.WSDL2gson -p net.patrickpollet.moodlews_gson.core -o /tmp http://yourmoodle/wspp/wsdl_pp2.php

in both cases you MUST have the content of lib/ directory in your classpath so from the directory where your Java IDE is placing the compiled classes (bin in Eclipse)
you should type 

java -cp '.:../lib/*' net.patrickpollet.gson.wsdl.WSDL2gson -p net.patrickpollet.moodlews_gson.core -o /tmp http://yourmoodle/wspp/wsdl_pp2.php

them make a jar file inside the bin directory and copy it to your actual projet.


PP 23/04/2011
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