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Icingaweb2 module for receiving and handling snmp traps
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Icingaweb2 module for receiving and handling snmp traps


Projet features :

  • Receive and handle traps using only net-snmp trapd daemon
  • See all traps received by the system
  • Update icinga services based on rules : host or hostgroups and traps data updates service status.
  • OID decode to human readable name, possible to add mib files via web.

Project status : Beta release

  • Module has been installed and tested on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic)
  • All base project feature are working on those systems.

Help wanted :

  • English is not my native language, so grammar & spelling corrections in the docs (and the module !) are VERY welcome : make a pull request or issue or just send me a message
  • If you want to help on this project pull request are welcome ! As it's still under heavy developpement, please open an issue before doing anything I could be doing right now. Have a look at the project tab to see what I'm currently doing.
  • If anyone has some knowledge in Zend framework, I'll happily take advices

Have a look at :

  • Installation doc : Installation

  • User guide : Traps

    • Create rule from existing trapd : Here
    • Create a rule from scratch : Here
    • Mib management : Here
  • Trap receiver logic : Basic schema

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