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Receiver Logic

General diagram


Network trap

A trap is sent to snmptrapd, it will

  • check snmp community or v3 user : snmptrapd will drop trap with wrong community/user
  • send to defined handler as input :
UDP: []:33025->[]:162
. 0:0:00:00.00
. .
. Just here
. 1
. 1

Here UDP from localhost to localhost Following lines are traps objects, including the trap oid.

Translated, this trap means :

sysUpTimeInstance	0:0:00:00.00
snmpTrapOID.0		IF-MIB::linkUp
sysLocation.0		Just here
ifAdminStatus		up(1)
ifOperStatus		up(1)


  1. read the trap from stdin

Extracts trap oid and stores objects (OID/value)

  1. Get all rules which match ( sourceIP / trapoid )

Evaluate all rules one by one. If a rule is empty, it will always be true : the "on match" action will by executed

If action is other than 'do nothing' or 'ignore' then send passive service check either

  • to icingacmd example : "[1547221876] PROCESS_SERVICE_CHECK_RESULT;Icinga host;LinkTrapStatus;2;Trap linkUp received at 0:0:00:00.00 from Just here" > /var/run/icinga2/cmd/icinga2.cmd

  • using icinga2 API

  1. stores trap with status (except if action is 'ignore')
  • done : rule was found , whether or not it matches or action has been made
  • unknown : no sourceIP/OID rule was found
  • error : ....
  • waiting : trap was received but rules where not searched/evaluated (for future use with distributed environments)
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