Create a weather center with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a screen. Read data from Domoticz and a weather service.
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This is a Raspberry Pi Zero W project that use an Inky pHAT's (212x104 pixel) screen to display two temperatures, time and a weather forecast.

The two temperatures are read from a Domoticz service and the weather forecast is fetched from Yr.

Some minor configuration is needed.

Temperature sensors
Go to the Setup/Devices page in Domoticz and get the temperature sensor’s “Idx”. Edit the python script’s variables in the upper section.

Weather forecast
Select the preferable location for a weather forecast. Select a location at and paste the link into the script, append “/varsel.xml”. This will download the forecast in XML format.

Copy weather to /etc/init.d, then make script executable with sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/weather. If you want the script to run at boot then do sudo update-rc.d weather defaults.