Realtime ascii terminal game at space
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LICENSE: You can only use this code to do the following:
  compile in order for you to play the game
  investigate implementation methods to reuse elsewhere (no copy paste without permission!)
  contribute to this game

You CANNOT use this code to do the following:
  distribute the code
  distribute the executable complied from code (ask for permission)
  fork this code to make a different game (ask for permission)
  sell the executable
  sell the code

This license doesn't apply to OpenSimplexNoise.c and OpenSimplexNoise.h which have a different license
specified in OpenSimplexNoise.c. I didn't make these files I simply ported the files from Java to C.

Later I will figure out an offical license, but for now use this.

  This is currently only for mac and linux. It seems to work better on linux 'Konsole' then mac 'Terminal'.

  just go to directory and run:

  On mac you might need to remove the -lm from the last line in the makefile

A and D rotate ship
W accelerates forward
S accelerates backward

SPACE fires

Oo : Your ship.
%o : Enemy ships.
green X : Asteroid. If you hit this you lose.
green @ : Enemy shots. If you hit this you lose.
@ : Your shots.
$ : Fuel. Shooting costs 2 fuel and accerlating costs 1 fuel