Codename Muse: A music API aggregator
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Codename muse


Muse is a cloud-based web application designed to help users get the most out of their music. Using The Echo Nest’s API, Muse gathers information about artists to present interesting statistics in a beautiful way.

Codename Muse works with The Echo Nest. See for more licensing information.



Current Features

  • Artist Information
    • Overview
      • Popularity
        • Combined metric of ‘hotttnesss’ and ‘familiarity’ presented graphically
      • Average Danceability
        • Based on danceability measure of the artist’s 15 most popular songs, presented graphically
      • Genres
        • A list of genres to which the artist’s music belongs, sorted by relevance
      • Similar
        • A list of links to pages for similar artists, sorted by similarity
    • Average song length
      • Average length of songs based on the artist’s 15 most popular songs
    • Blogs
      • Number of people blogging about the artist
      • List of five links to recent blog posts

Future Features

  • More artist information
    • Popular songs
      • “Listen Now” links for popular services (Spotify, Rdio, YouTube, etc.)
    • Metrics
      • Song length, tempo, energy, loudness, time signature, etc.
      • Other interesting information (based on community feedback)

Technical Details

  • Platform: Google App Engine
  • Language: Python 2.7.x
  • External Dependencies:
    • App Engine API
    • The Echo Nest API (requires API key)
    • Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework (accessed via CDN)
    • jQuery 2.0.0 (accessed via CDN)

Known Issues

  • Exception handling - need to handle these exceptions gracefully
    • Artist not found causes HTTP 500
      • Suggest artists similar to search term
    • Echo Nest API call timeout causes HTTP 500
      • Retry API call, present friendly message if call still times out
  • Special characters in artist name can give unexpected results
    • Need to properly escape special characters, or change the way queries are handled